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New Brunswick

Lake George Property

  • A 247 claim property covering an area of 53 km2, approximately 40 km west of Fredericton, and adjacent to the north to the past producing Lake George antimony mine.
  • Close to infrastructures (paved highways, deep-sea port and power lines), with excellent year round access.
  • The Geological Survey of Canada (GSC) reported in 1991 that pre-production development at the former Lake George mine exposed tellurium (Te) and bismuth (Bi) mineralization across zones 6 to 12 metres wide in the footwall of the main antimony vein system. Tetradymite, a Tellurium bearing mineral, was identified as a distinct phase. Native gold (Au) was also reported.
  • A large buried late intrusion of 2.0 km in diameter west of the Waterloo Lake was detected in 2014. Data integration and interpretation completed in 2014 helped to define a high temperature zone immediately in contact with the Waterloo Lake intrusive for gold, bismuth and tellurium mineralization (Au, Bi and Te).
  • Additional data compilation and integration in 2014 also helped to outline a wider « low to intermediate » temperature zone for antimony mineralization (Sb). Future diamond drilling would make sure that both the ANTIMONY vein system and its footwall, enriched in TELLURIUM, are transected.
Lake George
Lake George

Victoria Lake Property

  • The property consists of a total of 363 claims covering an area of 90.8 km2.
  • 315 staked claims, 100% owned, totaling 78.8 km2
  • 48 optioned claims totaling 12 km2
  • The Property is located within Clarendon, Lepreau and Pennfield Parishes of Charlotte County in New Brunswick, approximately 50 km south of Fredericton.
  • Access to the property is excellent all year round and close to infrastructure.
  • Immediately adjacent to the Mt Pleasant Property with Tin deposit and former Tungsten mine and extending towards Victoria Lake for nearly 20 km East-West.

Victoria Lake