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Goldstar Minerals is a Canadian exploration company focused on the discovery of Tellurium, Antimony and other associated metals used in the production of high-tech materials and products. Its properties are located in New Brunswick and in Québec, both mining-friendly jurisdictions.

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Tellurium is a metalloid that has electrical conductivity increasing when exposed to light. The main use of tellurium is for Photo Voltaic (« PV ») thin film solar panels in the form of cadmium telluride alloy (« CdTe ») which accounts now for most of the world demand. CdTe is the first and only thin film photovoltaic technology to surpass crystalline silicon PV for a significant portion of the PV market.

Tellurium is also important in an alloy for thermo-electric modules that can be used for both heating and cooling, as an additive in steel and rubber vulcanization as well as in electronics for phase change memory chips.


Antimony possesses both metal and non-metal properties. Pure antimony is added to steel and other alloys for hardening purposes. Most of antimony (70%) is transformed in antimony trioxide (« ATO ») that provides unique properties to a variety of products that cannot easily be replaced by alternative chemicals. ATO greatly increases the effectiveness of flame retardants when used in plastics, paints, adhesives, sealants, rubber and fabrics.

ATO is the major catalyst for the production of PET plastic used for packaging mineral water and soft drinks. ATO is also widely used in ceramics, thermal glass and solar panels.

Selenium Tellurium Development Association
International Antimony Association




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